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QuickBooks Online Integration

The QuickBooks Online Integration addon helps exporting products, customers and orders from the store to QuickBooks Online. Track sales and cash flow, update the products at the store by using the Import Products addon's action.

QuickBooks Online Integration addon is a part of Store Manager (it is already built in the software) and should be registered with a separate license key. To use the addon, install and register Store Manager first.

NOTE, unregistered version of the addon has the limitation in data processing - only 10 records (products or orders, or customers) can be exported as well as only 10 products positions can be imported from QuickBooks Online respectively.

Here are a few steps so you could start quickly:

    1. Install Store Manager on your PC or laptop and register it using a Primary license key.

    2. Launch Store Manager and set up connection to your store database (F12).

    3. Set up FTP connection settings to be able to upload images.

    4. Register QuickBooks Integration (F12 -> Addons tab)


Product Information

Install Store Manager, register the application and set up connection settings

Getting Started

QuickBooks Online addon installation and registration

Set up Export/Import settings

Setup the Import/Export Wizard for product, customer, orders; set up connection to your store database.