The addon is a part of Store Manager and, by default, can be used it in DEMO mode, that means you can operate with only 5 records to perform the actions via addon (i.e. only 10 products to import or export or just 10 orders or customers to export respectively).

To apply the QuickBooks Online addon in full, you should purchase a separate license and register current extension with a license key.

The instruction of the addon registration is identical regardless of what Store Manager you have. The illustrations, provided at this tutorial, were taken from the Store Manager for Prestashop as a template.

After purchase, all customers receive an email notification with the license key (Regcode).

Go through the following steps to register addon from the Preferences section:

1. Move to Settings - > Preferences - > Addons of Store Manager and find the QuickBooks Online Integration position.

As you can see, the addon status is unregistered yet.

2. Click the "Unregistered" status sign that calls the registration form:

3. Specify the regcode from your email and hit [OK] to start registration.

As you can see, the status changed on "Verifying", that is the program is checking the registration information that was specified.

4. The status will switch to "Registered" if the registration key is correct and active. In other cases, you should check the registration details in your license account at or contact us for further assistance.

In addition, you can go through the registration from the addon's page directly.

1. Launch the addon and press the [Register] button that opens the registration form:

2. Specify the license key:

Press [OK] to start the verification and registration process.

You should see the notification:

Now the addon is registered and you can use it in full.

Note, the status of the addon in Preferences will be changed from "Unregistered" to "Registered" automatically.