Export Customers to QuickBooks Online

Can be launched from the context menu in Customers section of Store Manager.

Choose the users you want to export and with the right-mouse-clicking activate the context menu.

In 'Addons' find the Export to QuickBooks Online command:

On the Settings page select the export method from a drop-down list:

"Create and Modify" - create new customers and update details of the existing ones on QuickBooks Online.

"Create Only" - add new customers to the QuickBooks customers list. The customer details will not be updated.

"Modify Only" - update the existing customers' details and do not create the new ones.

Customer Options area

‘Display name’ - Choose the macros for customer identification. The value should be unique.

If the display name is the same as the check name - the checkbox below should have the active status (green colored):

In case, you want to specify your own customer name on the check - turn-off the status in the checkbox to activate the field below:

The macros list becomes available after pressing the browse button, illustrated below:

To manipulate with the account credentials use the options in the lower side:

[Add account] for authorization - call the form with the Authorization details to create a new connection to Company.

[Edit account] - open the page with available connections to QuickBooks Company. Rewrite existing information.

[Delete] - remove account from a list.

Press [Process] to launch the exporting data.