Import Products from QuickBooks Online

The following action helps synchronizing items between QuickBooks and your store and add new records to the store database.

Choose an action in the addon’s homepage and open the form with the configuration details.

The empty page requires to add a new configuration and fill it with the items. Click the [New Configuration] button in the left pane:

The import settings page will appear:

Note, by default, the name of configuration matches with an active addon's action and the current date.

If you want to specify your own value for the current configuration, type it in the "Configuration" field:

You can move current configuration to a file as well as upload the pre-saved configuration file with the options opposite. See an illustration above.

Then, select the import method from the list:

Take into account, the first variant - "Create and Modify" - allows adding new items to the store and update details of the existing product positions at once; the second one - "Create Only" - adds a new record without updating the existing ones; the third variant - "Modify Only" - serves for updating (synchronizing) products details between QuickBooks and your store.

General Options

"Import product code as" - select an identifier by which the products will be recognized during the import process

"Default category" - products will be imported into a default store category specified in this field.

"Update mode" - indicate by which path the import data will be processed, selecting from two proposed variants:

      • Product list which was generated based on the previous settings - "predefined list"
      • A list formed according to the"data query" filter

Data query

Note: data query requires setting the parameters of data filtering manually in the fields below. The "predefined list" allows importing all products list from the Import products configurations page.

Data Query Filter

"Create time from/to" - a period items were created.

"Last updated from/to" - a period of last product update.

Choose the items type from the list:

Check the fields to synchronize:

Note: the "Allow empty descriptions" checkbox helps clearing product description if the sales description is empty on QuickBooks online. In order to perform this enable the condition:

If the settings are ready to use, save the entries by using the corresponding option at the bottom of the form ([Save] or [Verify & Save]).

Filtered items list will be available on the "Configuration" page. Press [Process] to launch import

Predefined list

Select "predefined list" from the "Update mode" field:

Choose the data to update and the import method in the corresponding fields. Then save your selection:

On the Configuration page, you should launch the items retrieving process from QuickBooks Online. Press [Retrieve items] to call the form with the embedded filter tools:

Indicate the date parameters and items type before pressing [OK]. You have to wait until the list is formed. Once the retrieving is complete, click [Process] to start data transferring.