Export Orders to QuickBooks Online

Note: The addon exports orders as "Invoice" order type to QuickBooks Online.

After choosing such action on the initial page you will see a form with the connection list on the left and assigned products on the right side.

First, you need to create a configuration and add products.

Press an option in the left toolbar to open the editor:

Fill the fields represented in a form below:

1. Configuration name

The options opposite helps to perform the following actions:

  • Save current configuration to a file

  • Upload configuration which has been saved separately:

2. Data query constructor area

Helps to set a range of orders which will be processed during the export.

Select the time period and order status in the fields below:

Use the refresh button to update the embedded list:

3. Tax options

Set the tax parameters for exporting data:

Switch the status to enable to make the taxes fields available to fill:

If the fields are empty - use the options to refresh (note, click on one refresh button to update all lists at once).

4. Customer Options

The next area related to the customers data.

‘Display name’ field - specify the name of the customer. It should be unique.

Use the macros from a list as you can see at the illustration above to make the template. It can be called by using the right-mouse-clicking over the current field's area.

The lower checkbox - current field should to be checked in case the customer doesn't exist in the QuickBooks, but available in the orders details which are exporting. In this case the program will create a customer in the QuickBooks customers list .

5. Products settings

The data is relevant to the items fields:

"Item name" - select the name identifier (can be 'product name' or 'product SKU' attribute) which the items will be recognized by:

Enable the following checkbox to create and add new product(s) to the QuickBooks products list. Fill the fields, which appear after this:

  • "Item type" - inventory, non-inventory and service.

  • The accounts parameters.

The option to retrieve chart of accounts available in each account row:

6. Discount area

The fields related to the discounts.

Allows displaying the items with the discount in two ways:

As the position with a reduced price

"Apply tax after discount" - Select the checkbox and the tax will be applied to the final price after the discount is calculated. If the option is unchecked the tax will be added to the base price and then apply the discount.

As a discounted product - in this case you should select the appropriate item from a list:

Use the button opposite to refresh a list if it is empty.

7. Export shipping fields

  • "Export shipping as value" - Select an option to make the shipping displayed as a value of the order total.

  • "Export shipping as item" - Select an option and specify the item from a list opposite which will be reflected as a shipping after export. Use the opposite option to retrieve the data in a list, if it is empty.

Press the [Save] button to keep your entries; or the [Save & Verify] button to check whether the required fields are filled, then save the settings.

After pressing the [Process] button, the export will be launched. You will see the steps of the process in the progress bars.

[Close] applies to collapse the bar and exist from the addon's wizard.