Quick Start Guide

The QuickBooks Online addon is a part of Store Manager, i.e. already built-in the software. By default, you can use it in Demo Mode without registration, but should note, the addon will work with some limitation in that case - only 10 records can be involved in the addon's actions (only 10 products can be exported or imported; 10 customers or orders can be exported at once respectively).

To work with the addon in full, we recommend you order the license key for the addon registration. Visit our store page to make the purchase and get the Regcode on your email.

Follow these steps:

1. Order Store Manager

2. Install SM on your PC or laptop. With the license key, you should be provided after purchase, register Store Manager.

3. Launch the program and establish connection with your store (press F12). For images uploading, the FTP connection should be configured properly.

4. You can register the addon now by pre-making your purchase on our site

5. Then preform these actions:

1) Export Products

      • Select the type of an item you want to export: inventory, non-inventory and service
      • Choose the export method from the drop-down list: create and modify; create only; modify only
      • Select the mapping fields
      • Upload and choose the appropriate accounts for exporting

2) Export Orders

      • Filter orders before export by data and time period
      • Enable or disable the taxes
      • Specify the options related to customers
      • Set products options fields
      • Determine how a discount should appear in the payment documents - either as an item or as a reduced cost value
      • Show shipping in two ways: as an item or as a value

3) Export Customers

      • Select the customers which will be exported
      • Determine what method will be used during process: create & modify; create only; modify only
      • Specify the formula of customer name that should be displayed.

4) Import Products

      • Create new products
      • Update the existing data (product name, description, quantity, price)
      • Update the empty product fields

6. Track the changes on QuickBooks online.